Educational Outreach

Helping disadvantaged young people achieve their full potential

Educational Outreach

Employer encounters in schools and colleges 

Young people are 20% of our population but 100% our future. 

We strongly believe that a young persons background shouldn’t determine your future and employers have a key role to play. 

Research shows young people who have 4 or more employer encounters they are 86% less likely to not be in Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

As well as changing the life chances of a young person your involvement helps strengthen the links between education and work, provides personal development opportunities for your people and creates a talent pipeline for your business.

In 2022 we have delivered the Levelling Up Futures in Sheffield programme. Delivering 124 in 2022 employer encounters in 15 school/colleges, 619 employees volunteered for 2,160 hours and supporting over 7,220 students.

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