Social Action

Bringing sectors together to address social issue in the city

If you want to collaborate to address the social issues in our city we have a range of campaigns you can get involved in by sharing your professional expertise, resources, volunteering (as individuals or teams), and arranging work based collections

Cost of Living Crisis 

There is no greater challenge currently facing our people, communities and charities than the cost of living crisis. With budgets squeezed and prices soaring, community organisations and charities are facing a triple hit – spiralling costs, increased demand for services and reduced donations.

As no one sector can solve the crisis, we are working with Voluntary Action Sheffield and Sheffield City Council to identify key needs across the City and the ways businesses can support them For the latest ways to get involved access our bulletin.


If you are a charity and would like to have a request featured on the cost of living bulletin pleas contact us.

Sheffield Foodbank Campaign

At the outset of the pandemic, in April 2020, Sheffield Business Together initiated a campaign to support 26 Sheffield food banks. All had faced unprecedented demand, reduced donations and were struggling to support some of the most vulnerable people in our city

Due to the cost of living crisis foodbanks referrals are again soaring whilst donations are dwindling so we have decided to relaunch our campaign. All donations go directly to the food banks and allow them to buy culturally appropriate food for their communities.

Collaborative Projects to address social issues

We are currently establishing a Sheffield Business Together Built Environment for Good forum (BFG). Bringing businesses involved in this sector together to collaborate to deliver impactful projects with a lasting legacy in the city.

Current projects include working with a school in one of our most deprived wards to renovate their sensory garden and build a forest school to support children who don’t thrive in a classroom environment, enaging with a nusery to make their buidling energy sufficent and fitting suitable storage for a Black mental health charities self care hub. 

Delivering Master Classes and Sharing Profesional Skills

To help our charities and community groups thrive businesses can share their expertise and skills. Many businesses have professional expertise that charities do not have the means to access.

In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce we are planning to run monthly masterclasses in 2023 to address some of the skills and knowledge areas identified by charities.

Join our network today to make Sheffield a better place for all.